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Magnificent Work!!

From the start to the finish, everything was outstandingly professional! Whatever the concern was, it was quickly resolved. The finished books were beyond my expectations. Everyone that got a book made nothing but positive comments. I would highly recommend book writing to anyone wanting to publish, as a matter of fact that is what I have already done. I would like to thank all of the staff that I worked with. Some were like friends that truly cared about my work.

Lalah D. - Author

Impressive Expertise!

Amazon Publications Consultants is a great place to get your book written. They have experienced writers on board who actually walk extra miles to fulfill your expectations. I have worked with them and got truly impressed.

-Ronan M. - Author

Fantastic company with helpful people!

I can highly recommend Amazon Publications Consultants as a fantastic company with really helpful people that deliver great results on time. I could not have achieved this without them. Thank you Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

MEG M. - Author

Amazon Publications Consultants is a friend for life!

Amazon Publications Consultants, I have made a friend for life. It's one thing to call or feel like a writer, but if you want all the bells and whistles in a completed writing. Trust me call these people.Thanks alot for making my dream come true.

Casey F. - Author

Great turnover!

This has been a delightful and enriching experience. It is as if someone is talking like you and thinking the same way, direct to the point, and great timing. Special thanks for making this Come true in a short period of time and thorough work.

James J. - Author

Responsible behavior and wonderful attitude!

Amazon Publications Consultants has been wonderful in editing my book. They are working in a very timely and responsive way. I really like working with them and have already recommended them to several other people. A BIG THUMBS UP

James P. - Author

Outstanding Coordination!

When I was struggling to publish my first book, I had no idea of the difficulties involved. But when I got in touch with Amazon Publications Consultants, my book was published within a few periods with their expertise.Highly Recommended.

Gabriel M. - Author

The people at book writing have revealed a…

This is the fourth time I used book writing to publish my book, and they are by far the most enjoyable publishing experience I ever had. I am impressed by book writing care about the authors and their help and expertise to produce the kind of book I wrote and imagined. They worked diligently with my illustrations and incorporated them beautifully on the cover jacket and interior of my book, making sure that I understand every step of the process. I deeply appreciated that book writing consistently striving for perfection. Thank you for being there.

Derek B. - Author

Unforgettable journey

My personal experience in working with Amazon Publications Consultants on the publication of my first book was a perfect relationship from beginning to end. The superior management team will provide your entity with support staff that will assist you on every level throughout the entire project.

Cormac M. - Author

Seamless Experience

Amazon Publications Consultants helped me from the beginning stages of the compilation of my book. Not only did they assist me with the editing stage, but also, they helped me with my illustrations. I would refer any author to them because they will walk you through the entire experience seamlessly.

Gisbert L. - Author

Will definitely recommend them

I am thrilled with the finished product and will be ready with a second book soon. It was a very scary process but you staff made it a delight, it was great working with them. The coordinators expertise in guiding me through the process of the publication was invaluable! I Look forward to working with Amazon Publications Consultants again.

Colleen W. - Author

Professional and supportive team

For over a year, I worked with Amazon Publications Consultants to publish my debut novel, 'Forever and Ever.' Throughout the process, the staff has been exceedingly professional and fast in delivering comments. I have told everyone who has inquired that I would strongly suggest them as a publishing and marketing partner for whatever work they have produced.

Mattew C. - Author

First time Publishing Author

First time that I have ever Published a book, I have been trying to publish for a long time. Finally I have made the move to do so, I have contacted a few different Publishers. book writing never gave up on me, ever so often book writing would contact me to see if I was ready whereas everyone else stopped or simply gave up. Everything went smooth & effortless, the only thing that slowed us down was the Covid-19 Pandemic, but even with that things went well. I have a few more books which I will Publish in the near future, I will ask book writing to Publish them as well. My experience with book writing was great, straight forward & most helpful with all my inquiries. I would recommend book writing to anyone for their first time around in Publishing a book

Arnold H. - Author

Unifying my writings

My experience here at book writing is once in a life for me because I will never be writing my first book again. I was in a space where I just had to act and put my material into play but even in my haste the team here, Starting w Amy Davila, were professionals through and through with their handling me. I’m grateful for this opportunity and still have things I I gave to wait on to really speak on the entirety of our dealings but on experience alone I’m honor to have been able to work so smoothly. Thank you.

J.D.Salinger. – Author

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Carole Jett

'I must say that my experience with Zach the project manager and his team was terrific. They guided me along in the editing and process and were not only helpful but patient. Zach was a personal pleasure to deal with. I also learned along the way and was able to even improve upon my own writing and punctuation. He was always responsive to my questions and problems.'

Azra Hazarika

'Kudos to the amazing team and for sure the people behind it. I've been struggling to publish for years and on a fine October morning I call Amazon Publications Consultants and get connected to Daniel. Since then they have made my dream possible and thank you Zach for being available throughout the entire process, and whatever of an issue I'd, he responded me with patience and dedication. I felt heard and I'm glad my book "An Art of Love" is out there and seeking your love for the same!'

Ferals J M Oxford

'I finally connected with Daniel Green after being introduced to a few staff members. This review reflects my experience with Amazon Publications Consultants as a direct result of Mr. Green's exceptionally professional and personable manner. My goals were reviewed and created to avoid confusion. Opportunities to further develop the creativity of my project(s) were made available - and resulted in explosive success! APS offers various services; however, finding the right agent made all the difference to me. I was not rushed or exploited. Daniel Green was very attentive to my personal preferences; such was the determining factor to remaining a client.
Thank you,'

Kelly Zabinski

'I struggled for a year trying to get my book published. I was able to do everything from the art and writing but couldn't find a way to get my book out there. Daniel and his team made it possible and did it so fast! Most places charge you an arm and leg, but they offer amazing deals you can't beat. I will continue to go to them for my future books They made it so easy!'


'From the first call and throughout the process the team at Amazon Publishers Online has been there to help my project push forward. My project manager (Daniel) was very kind and helpful in making this first book that is designed to help others possible. We are at the finish line together now and awaiting publishing. Another review to come... I do recommend giving them a call for your next book.Thank you to all involved.'


'Daniel Green has been very available and helpful in publishing my children's book. We had a few miss communications and some editing problems but in the end the book is just as I had hoped. Daniel was always courteous, patient and ready to help with all the issues this first time publisher had. Thanks'

Myungja Koh

'I created a children's book and considered it to publish as self-publishing by KDP. But it's a debut book, and I worried it doesn't look professional because of poor formatting, so contact Amazon Publications Consultants. Most of all, Mr. Frank Cooper is an excellent manager. He helped to publish them one by one as if he is a personal coach. Thank you so much!'

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