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Let’s together share your story with the world as our eloquent writers give words to your ideas.

Our writing experts provide end-to-end writing and publishing services so that you can enjoy the masterpiece that we create

Book Writing

Like many of our customers, become an author of a best-seller.


Get your book edited top to bottom, free of cost.

Book Publishing

Book publishing made easier, with a one-stop solution.

Ebook Writing

Professional E-Book writing services at your disposal.

Book Marketing

Employ the most effective marketing tactics for the marketing of your book.

Author Website

Nowadays, the author's website is a sign of authenticity and relevancy in the book marketplace. McZell Book Writing will give you an online presence.

Professional Audio Book

Get audiobook with excellent narration and proper edits.

Book Video Trailer

Design a captivating video trailer for your book with our award-winning designers.

Book Cover Design

Book Covers that will prompt the readers to pick your book.

Custom Book Illustration

A picture’s worth a thousand words, an illustration, million.

Article Writing & Publication

Shine bright as a researcher and make necessary strides in advancing scientific knowledge.

Get The Best And Customized Solutions With Experienced Publishing Teams For Your Book

Our publishing specialists and professionals provide high-quality publishing services to help you reach your targeted audience quickly and easily. After crafting a masterpiece for a book, your job is done. We take the lead from here on out. Our team of publishers is known for maintaining high quality and international publishing standards. Production, Marketing, and Distribution are the three critical parts of the publishing process that we cover. Our first goal will always be to give genuine leads that fulfil the needs of our devoted consumers. Our publishing professionals have universally upgraded many authors to published book authors in variety of genres. Let’s work together and make you a well-known name as an author


We give words to your thoughts!

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Our Approach

Our Mission Is To Maximize Value For Our Authors With Online Book Marketing

Well versed writers
To provide high-quality work, we have a team of native speakers who have years of content writing experience.
Refund Policy
We offer a refund if the client is not satisfied with our overall work. After all, client satisfaction comes first!
Customized Offers
Different clients have different needs. We take care of their requirements with customized packages.

Our Process

Initial Draft Submission and Publishing Terms
The author sends us their complete manuscript. We discuss your publication requirements and explain to you the project, printing, and publishing rules. An agreement is signed before we begin work on your book.
Peer Content Evaluation Along With Editing and Proofreading
The text is then reviewed by our expert editors who thoroughly study, analyze, proofread, and make necessary modifications to the book and send to you for approval.
Substantial Formatting, Typesetting, Images and Illustrations Setting
We set the typeface, add photos, and illustrations when the editing job is completed. Our professionals format the manuscript and add photos once it has been evaluated by editors.
Professional Designing and Book Production
We create the initial edition of the book and solicit feedback from the author. The rest of the volumes follow the same structure, with all of the key details taken into account. We design the book with all of the necessary elements in mind, including a correct front and back cover, author bio, table of contents, and page numbers.
SEO Marketing, Publishing, and Distribution
We start by getting the design approved. We created demand for the book by spreading awareness about it before it is published. We publish the manuscript in the formats that you need and make it live for your readers across the world.

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Amazon Publications Consultants is a writing hub where we cater to all! We make sure that your story is both visually pleasing and readable. Keeping in mind the importance of first impressions, we make sure the book catches the interest of the readers and is unputdownable. The best parts of your book are placed at the front and the center so that it immediately catches the attention of the readers.
Our clients love us for our work and talent. Give your book writing dream a perfect place to bloom with Amazon Publications Consultants

Carole Jett

'I must say that my experience with Zach the project manager and his team was terrific. They guided me along in the editing and process and were not only helpful but patient. Zach was a personal pleasure to deal with. I also learned along the way and was able to even improve upon my own writing and punctuation. He was always responsive to my questions and problems.'

Azra Hazarika

'Kudos to the amazing team and for sure the people behind it. I've been struggling to publish for years and on a fine October morning I call Amazon Publications Consultants and get connected to Daniel. Since then they have made my dream possible and thank you Zach for being available throughout the entire process, and whatever of an issue I'd, he responded me with patience and dedication. I felt heard and I'm glad my book "An Art of Love" is out there and seeking your love for the same!'

Ferals J M Oxford

'I finally connected with Daniel Green after being introduced to a few staff members. This review reflects my experience with Amazon Publications Consultants as a direct result of Mr. Green's exceptionally professional and personable manner. My goals were reviewed and created to avoid confusion. Opportunities to further develop the creativity of my project(s) were made available - and resulted in explosive success! APS offers various services; however, finding the right agent made all the difference to me. I was not rushed or exploited. Daniel Green was very attentive to my personal preferences; such was the determining factor to remaining a client.
Thank you,'

Kelly Zabinski

'I struggled for a year trying to get my book published. I was able to do everything from the art and writing but couldn't find a way to get my book out there. Daniel and his team made it possible and did it so fast! Most places charge you an arm and leg, but they offer amazing deals you can't beat. I will continue to go to them for my future books They made it so easy!'


'From the first call and throughout the process the team at Amazon Publications Consultants has been there to help my project push forward. My project manager (Daniel) was very kind and helpful in making this first book that is designed to help others possible. We are at the finish line together now and awaiting publishing. Another review to come... I do recommend giving them a call for your next book.Thank you to all involved.'


'Daniel Green has been very available and helpful in publishing my children's book. We had a few miss communications and some editing problems but in the end the book is just as I had hoped. Daniel was always courteous, patient and ready to help with all the issues this first time publisher had. Thanks'

Myungja Koh

'I created a children's book and considered it to publish as self-publishing by KDP. But it's a debut book, and I worried it doesn't look professional because of poor formatting, so contact Amazon Publications Consultants. Most of all, Mr. Frank Cooper is an excellent manager. He helped to publish them one by one as if he is a personal coach. Thank you so much!'

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